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      Essenz Trio, epithomises the modern outlook at the classical music in the 21st century. The Viennese group of international musicians, got first together as Bataclana in the hope, to renew the feelings and passion, that so many strive for in their daily lives, by playing a varied programme of music from different corners of the world. Essenz Trio, with a new name, continues to do so, with one exception. Each member of the group, brings hers or his own ideas and influences to the ensemble, and so with a new concept, the idea of a strictly professional group, extends into friendship waters.


       The members of Essenz Trio, do not limit themselves with a certain genre or style of music, but rather explore different possibilities and sometimes extremes of their instruments. Thus have they created a programme, that features all that one might desire. The group sees themselves as a constant development, a progressive trio, that is always looking for new ideas to include in their repertoire; from classical, to contemporary music, and latin dances to impressionistic movements.

Barbara de Menezes Galante Auner (Brasil)

Jelena Davidović - Accordion (Serbia)

Damián Posse - Double Bass (Spain)

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